Make your favorite dishes at home

The skills of using techniques employed by chefs in restaurants may not be always suitable for a home cook, but with a little trial and error method, you will be able to master it and definitely progress to plating it like a pro too. Most techniques will require gadgets which may seem expensive for a home cook or seem very complicated to use, or very big for just a couple to use. Hence many people just drop the idea of getting one. But sous vide cooker is a very good cooking gadget you will never regret having and if you are an avid meat eater, it one of the best buys you could have in your kitchen right now. Learn to make sous vide lobster tail.

How the gadget is used

This gadget isn’t as complicated as thought to be, once you get the hang of it you would be doing most of you cooking on it and discover that it some much easier to serve gourmet dishes which are healthier and tastier. You would now always look forward to cooking meats, previously shying away at the complexities of getting right, as meat shouldn’t be overcooked, and if undercooked will give serious health complications, people prefer their meat to be medium rare, fine cooked or even dropping off the bone kind, hence the cooking will be having to cater such tastes and preferences kept in mind, and sous vide cooking will never allow you to go wrong.

Cooking of the lobster

Lobster tail cooking in sous vide is one of the most trusted methods for it to be right for any kind of dish. There would lots of flavor that gets infused when cooking lobster meat. The lobster meat can be cooked at varying temperatures and the amount of time varies as per the amount of meat placed in the ziplock and if you are putting them in with the claws. This way of cooking the lobster tail will always give you the poached flavor that will never come from steaming, as most of the flavor goes off in the air. You will just add on the flavor by keeping it sealed.

If you are looking for soft translucent kind of texture 120-degree Fahrenheit and if you just ok with tender and succulent meat of the lobster 130 degrees would be just fine. If you want more than this you will end up with the lobster having the same texture when it has been steamed which is 140 degree. This all depends on the recipe and what you prefer when eating. A good tip to get the shell off is by para boiling the lobster. You would need to preheat the bath and get the necessary temperature. Place the meat and other condiments along with aromatics and a bit of fat (oil/butter) into the ziplock which should not have any air and place it in the bath to start the process of cooking.