Want to know about Ripple?

Ripple is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum. As other cryptocurrencies ripple uses, blockchain technology to create ledger network shared on public database to create transparency and validity. Unlike other cryptocurrencies Ripple is backed by major banks such Standard Chartered, Santander, and American Express. Ripple is fast becoming as a hottest alternate coin. As early as 2018, ripple is fast catching up with Bitcoin market. How to buy ripple? Ripple can be bought directly by using credit/debit card or you can buy from an exchange. However not all exchange are equipped for directly selling ripple for USD.

Therefore, the rampant question asked by many is how to buy ripple when exchange rates are not good? Yes, it is fact that as of now exchange rates are poor to ripple with USD. However, instead of buying with USD you can buy Bitcoin or Ether and then exchange it for Ripple. As of today only fewer cryptocurrency exchanges recommends ripple along with Bitcoin and Ether. Ripple website recommends exchange such as Binance, Bitsane, and Bitstamp. These are convenient cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy ripple for Euro or USD or sell the coins for euros and USD. When you buy ripple you must ideally have a wallet called cryptocurrency wallet, which is a digital wallet or can be physical one like USB. You want wallets for transaction of cryptocurrency using a key. Leger Nano S is popular wallet for ripple coins another alternate wallet is Toast Wallet, which is quite easy to use on platforms like android, IOS and windows.

Buying Ripple with Binance and Coinbase

Still there is ambiguity over how to buy ripple. We will therefore make it simple using the following steps using Binance and this should serve as an example for using other similar platforms

1. Create an account on Binance website and after creating the account you should transfer Bitcoin in Binance account. (Bitcoin is first brought from an exchange using credit or debit card)

2. You should be able to send Bitcoin from Coinbase to your Binance account and which will be guided as you work through.

3. Then log back to your Binance wallet to check the balance.

4. Now converting your Bitcoin to ripple is simple straightforward, select “buy XRP” and you will see array of options with percentages, choose the appropriate percentage of BTC to buy Ripple.

5. The transfer is fast. Now log back to your Binance wallet you will see your Ripple (XRP) balance.